To and Fro #228

Jai Paul – Jasmine [stream 2012]

ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag (Jim-E Stack Bootleg) [bootleg 2011]
Usher – Climax [Looking for Myself, RCA 2012]
Chet Faker – I’m Into You [Thinking in Textures, Remote Control 2012]
Madeaux – Song #2 [free download 2012]
Soosh – Speechless (Kelpe remix) [SoFar, Fremdtunes 2012]

Kid A – BB Bleu [PPPONEY OST, Bandcamp 2011]
Tokyo Prose – Echoes (Synkro remix) [Tokyo Prose Remixed, Samurai Red Seal 2012]
Desto – Can’t Take It [No Sleep EP, Rwina 2012]
Rachel Haircut – #NICODEINE CRUSH [free download 2012]
Disclosure – Tenderly (Kidnap Kid remix) [free download 2012]

Slugabed – Sex [free download 2012]
Becoming Real – Paramnesia [Her Woes / Paramnesia, Get Me! 2012]
Sepalcure – Don’t Cry [Eternally Yrs, Hotflush 2012]
Azealia Banks – Fuck Up the Fun [Broke With Expensive Taste, forthcoming 2012]

2562 – Solitary Sheepbell [Air Jordan, When in Doubt 2012]
Pulse Emitter – Pangaea [Aeons, Aguirre 2012]
Soft Metals – Implanted Visions [Electronic Encounters – Music Inspired by CE3K, Bandcamp 2012]
Principles of Geometry – Bethanie [Burn the Land and Boil the Oceans, Tigersushi 2012]

Carter Tutti Void – V3 [Transverse, Mute Artists 2012]
Lucy – Superior Orders (feat Roll the Dice) [Banality of Evil, Stroboscopic Artefacts 2012]
Battles – Toddler (Kangding Ray remix) [Dross Glop 3, Warp 2012]

Download the show: To and Fro #228

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