To and Fro #224

Battles – Africastle (Kode9 remix) [Dross Glop 2, Warp 2012]

Supreme Cuts – Silkk [free download 2012]
Bondax – Just Us [free download 2012]
Scuba – Cognitive Dissonance [Personality, Hotflush 2012]
Gang Colours – Fancy Restaurant (Machinedrum remix) [Fancy Restaurant, Brownswood 2012]

SBTRKT – Hold On (Sisi Bak Bak remix) [Hold On, Young Turks 2012]
Hyetal – Searchlight (Night mix) [Searchlight, Black Acre 2012]
123Mrk – Untroubled [Refined Madness, Squelch and Clap 2012]
Ifan Dafydd – To Me [Treehouse EP, Push and Run 2012]

Mouse on Mars – Syncropticians [Parastrophics, Monkeytown 2012]
Airhead – Wait [Wait / South Congress, R&S 2012]
Kyson – Forest Footsteps [free download 2012]
Young Magic – Slip Time [Melt, Carpark 2012]
Motion Picture Actress – Natural Ghost [Natural Ghost EP, free download Silo Arts 2012]
Sun Drums – Each Little Piece [Sun Drums, free download Everybody’s Stalking 2012]
Polographia – Tropic Fruit [Sunsets, free download 2012]

Ital – Israel [Hive Mind, Planet Mu 2012]
Strategy – Bolly Valve 2000 [Boxy Music, 100% Silk 2012]
Lorca – What You Don’t Need [free download 2012]
ERP – Into the Distance [Lunar Ruins, Harbour City Sorrow 2012]

Shed – The Praetorian [The Praetorian / RQ-170, 50 Weapons 2012]

Download the show: To and Fro #224

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