To and Fro #215

also starring the most excellent tim shiel – in town for one night only!

When Saints Go Machine – Kelly [Konkylie, !K7 2011]

Guerre – Millennium Blues [Darker My Love, Yes Please 2011]
Holy Other – Touch [With U, Tri Angle 2011]
Ghostpoet – Survive It (Koreless remix) [Survive It, Brownswood 2011]

Pritch and Trim – Kiss My Arse [Stereotype, Planet Mu 2011]
Oni Ayhun – Meets Shangaan Electro [Honest Jon’s 2011]
Hyetal – Phoenix [Broadcast, Black Acre 2011]

Erothug – We Should Have Built From Metal [Touching EP, free download Brothersister 2011]
Machinedrum – GBYE [Room(s), Planet Mu 2011]
Bullion – If You Want To Reach Me (Gwilym Gold remix) [free download 2011]
Andy Stott – North to South [Passed Me By, Modern Love 2011]

Daphni – Ye Ye [Pinnacles / Ye Ye, Text 2011]
Invisible Conga People – In a Hole [In a Hole / Can’t Feel My Knees, DFA 2011]
SBTRKT – Hold On [SBTRKT, Young Turks 2011]
Damu – L.O.V.E. [Unity, Keysound 2011]

Joe Goddard – Gabriel (feat Valentina) [Gabriel EP, Greco Roman 2011]
Emika – Professional Loving [Pretend / Professional Loving, Ninja Tune 2011]
Lower Spectrum – Closed [Lower Spectrum, free download Bandcamp 2011]

Ricardo Donoso – Klatu [Progress Chance, Digitalis 2011]
Crystal Fighters – Plage (Lapalux remix) [free download 2011]
Jonti – Firework Spraying Moon [Twirligig, Stones Throw 2011]
Mo Kolours – Drum Talking [EP1: Drum Talking, One Handed 2011]

Dauwd – Shimmer [Could It Be/Shimmer, Pictures 2011]

Download the show: To and Fro #215

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