To and Fro #306

Super Magic Hats – Pepper [free download 2014]
Alice Boman – What [Happy Death 2014]
Luke Howard – She Left a Note (osh10 remix) [unreleased 2014]
Bianca Jay – What You Need [unreleased 2014]

Swimming – New Friends (Townhouses remix) [free download 2014]
Mo Kolours – Afro Quarters [Mo Kolours, One Handed 2014]
Shūnya – Petrichor (feat Nisha) [Petrichor EP, free download 2014]

Karmelloz – Citrus Acid CPU (feat C Plus Plus) [Source Localization, 1080p 2014]
Thug Entrancer – Death After Life I (The Range remix) [Software 2014]
Bok Bok – Melba’s Call (feat Kelela) [Night Slugs 2014]
DJ Q – Caught Up [Ineffable, Local Action 2014]

123Mrk – Secret Secret [Versatile / Secret Secret, Future Classic 2014]
Daktyl – 244 [Die High 2014]
Julian Edwardes – Rapalje [Rapalje, Fremdtunes 2014]

Huess – The Pinnacle [Sandpaper, self-release 2014]
Kool AD – Insane Computer Raps (feat Alim) (prod by Eyes and Teeth) [Not OK, free download 2013]
Boots – Alright [free download 2014]

Tim Shiel and Aoi – Creator [Duet Duets, free download 2014]
Dia Bas – Gables (club version) [Brainclub (vol 2), Holodeck 2014]
Iman Omari – Mushroom Visuals [ESC (vol 2), self-release 2014]
Drew Gragg – Metroplex Theme [Over-Under, Other People 2014]

Fay – Can’t Fall [Deathwatch, Time No Place 2014]
Millie and Andrea – Corrosive [Drop the Vowels, Modern Love 2014]
Gamertag – Maze Impact [You Don't Know Me, All City 2014]

Ghost Town DJs – My Boo (Wave Racer remix) [free download 2014]

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To and Fro #305

Throwing Snow – Pathfinder [Pathfinder, Houndstooth 2014]

Metome – Found True Love (Fybe:one remix) [Objet Remix, self-release 2014]
yyu – Kiss as We Walk [Kiss as We Walk, Ramp 2014]
Nenado – Hari Hari [Your Sketch, Astro:Dynamics 2014]
¥℃£€₱₮ ΙΠ§₫₪ – John G [¥℃£€₱₮ ΙΠ§₫₪, Holy Page 2014]
Mo Kolours – In Her Eyes (Funk Heart) [Mo Kolours, free download 2014]
Sisyphus – Hardly Hanging On [Sisyphus, Asthmatic Kitty 2014]

Tim Shiel and Friendships – Prom Theme [Duet Duets, free download 2014]
Karmelloz – Squiggles [Source Localization, 1080p 2014]
Millie and Andrea – Quay [Drop the Vowels, Modern Love 2014]
Felicity Yang – Palisade [free download 2014]

Hiele – Kaneda [Essential Oils, Ekster 2014]
Vermont – Rückzug [Vermont, Kompakt 2014]
Efdemin – Parallaxis [Decay, Dial 2014]
Ukkonen – Aikomus [Aika, No Pain in Pop 2014]

Kane Ikin – BNR [Warehouses, This Thing 2014]
Ricky Eat Acid – I can hear the heart breaking as one [Three Love Songs, free download 2014]
Mark McGuire – To the Macrobes (Where Do I Go?) [Along the Way, Dead Oceans 2014]

Earthquake Island – Naked Water (Yakamoto Kotzuga remix) [free download 2014]
Natasha Kmeto – Channel 1 [free download 2014]
Machinedrum – Eyesdontlie (Sherwood and Pinch Clash Machinedrum Dub Fi Dub, Downtown, Uptown and All Around Town remix) [Fenris District, Ninja Tune 2014]

Slava – Better [Comma Sutra, Software 2014]

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To and Fro #304

Joakim – On the Beach [Tropics of Love, free download Tigersushi 2014]

Snowy Nasdaq – Sisters [free download 2014]
Angus and Julia Stone – For You (Tennyson remix) [free download 2014]
Sisyphus – Lion’s Share [Sisyphus, Asthmatic Kitty 2014]

Young Fathers – Am I Not Your Boy [Dead, Big Dada 2014]
Jeremiah Jae – Survival (feat Oliver the 2nd) [free download 2014]
Uhlife – Uuum (prod by vhvl) [free download 2013]
John Dope and Tafe G – Fat [free download 2014]

Aoi – Boom Skwad By-Laws (feat Tame One) [free download 2014]
Warren G – I Need a Light (feat Nate Dogg) (VECT reflip) [free download 2014]
Busta Rhymes – Thank You (feat Q-Tip and Alicia Myers) (Jaytee remix) [free download 2014]
Onra – Dreams [1.0.8, Favorite 2014]

813 – Crying Flute [Crying Flute, self-release 2014]
EP – Gambia [Gambia, free download Ender 2014]
The Range – Two [Panasonic, Donky Pitch 2014]
Trust – Rescue, Mister (Null remix) [free download 2014]

Dego and Kaidi – Don’t Remain the Same [Dego and Kaidi, Eglo 2014]
DrumTalk – Time [Time, Huntleys and Palmers 2014]
Weakling – Be Jealous [free download Ender 2014]
Legowelt – Teen Romance [Teen Romance, Long Island Electrical Systems 2014]
Simian Ghost – Echoes of Songs (Luke Abbott remix) [Echoes of Songs, Playground 2013]

Nenado – Your Sketch [Your Sketch, Astro:Dynamics 2014]
The Atlas Room – By Nature II: Coastal Drift [Berlin - Split EP, free download 2014]
Ricky Eat Acid – God puts us all in the swimming pool [Three Love Songs, free download 2014]
Roll the Dice – Blood In Blood Out [Until Silence, Leaf 2014]

Golden Donna – Auscultation [II, 100% Silk 2014]

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To and Fro #303

Virtual Proximity – No Expectations [free download 2014]

Okey Szoke – Elk and Polar Bear Tarraxo [Spiced Bun EP, Brother Sister 2014]
Felicity Yang – Malaria Fingertips [free download 2014]
Rioux – Maze1 [free download 2014]

Daughter – Smother (Tennyson remix) [Smother / For You, self-release 2014]
813 – Crying Flute [Crying Flute, self-release 2014]
Polysick – Totem (FaltyDL remix) [free download 2012]
Baal Astarté – Myanmar [free download 2014]
Millennium – Unfollow [free download 2014]
Hoodlem – Old Friend [self-release 2014]

Planète – Embers [Reflex / Embers, self-release 2014]
Vondelpark – California Analog Dream (Bullion remix) [Seabed Remixed, R&S 2014]
Wesley Matsell – Future Beacon [Total Order of Being, Border Community 2014]

Robin Saville – A Fail All Girl (Loscil Flagra Flagri mix) [Public Flowers, Second Language 2014]
Bruised Skies – Let Go (feat Morso) [free download 2014]
Lovely Head – Grip [Motion, free download 2014]
HTRK – Blue Sunshine [Psychic 9-5 Club, Ghostly 2014]

Patten – Winter Strobing [Esoile Naiant, Warp 2014]
Saxsyndrum – Les Belles Nanas (¡FLIST! remix) [free download 2014]
Onra – Super Genesis (feat Häzel) [1.0.8, Favorite 2014]
Jeremiah Jae – Survival (feat Oliver the 2nd) [Warp 2014]

¥℃£€₱₮ ΙΠ§₫₪ – Singular vs Plural [¥℃£€₱₮ ΙΠ§₫₪, Holy Page 2014]
Alta – Handing Over [free download 2014]
Tincture – Need U [Tryst EP, Silo Arts 2014]

Linda Perhacs – Immunity [The Soul of All Natural Things, Asthmatic Kitty 2014]

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To and Fro #302

Son Lux – Easy (Switch Screens) (feat Lorde) [Alternate Worlds, Joyful Noise 2014]

Hoodlem – Old Friend [self-release 2014]
Banks – Brain [Brain, Harvest 2014]
Felicity Yang – Grounded [free download 2013]
Ondness – Edit Sombra [Poor Man's Twilight Zone, Where to Now 2013]
Avalon Emerson – Church of SoMa (HNNY remix) [Church of SoMa EP, Spring Theory 2014]
Pekka Airaksinen – Suvarnaratnakaracchatrakuta [Other Power, Harmonia 2014]
Matthew Burton and Kate Rathod – Sportsbox [free download 2014]
Australian Ballet School – Worn Loop [Repair, free download Little Faith 2014]
Voices from the Lake – Velo di Maya [Velo di Maya, The Bunker New York 2014]

Jaako Eino Kalevi – Memories (Heatsick‘s Continental Drift mix) [Dreamzone Remixes EP, Weird World 2014]
Robin Saville – In Konik Mokkin [Public Flowers, Second Language 2014]
The Townhouses – Hopscotch [Magpie (Cassingle), self-release 2014]
Disasterpeace – Swimming [The Floor Is Jelly OST, self-release 2014]
SFV Acid – Chronicled in C_affeine Headache [The Dwell, Uno NYC 2014]

Kangding Ray – L’envol [Solens Arc, Raster Noton 2014]
Prism House – Need You (part 1) (Kasen remix) [free download 2014]
Crescent – Team Air [free download 2014]
Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm (Odessa remix)
Velour – Canal Plus # [Matmos, free download 2013]

Linda Perhacs – River of God [The Soul of All Natural Things, Asthmatic Kitty 2014]

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To and Fro #301; with Tim Shiel

Chromeo – Come Alive (feat Onra) [free download 2014]

Mo Kolours – Mike Black [Mo Kolours, One Handed 2014]
Kuhrye-oo – Air Days (feat Evy Jane) [Air Days, Uno NYC 2014]
Tirzah – I’m Not Dancing [I'm Not Dancing, Greco Roman 2013]

Supreme Cuts – Faded (feat Py) [Divine Ecstasy, Dovecote 2014]
Sango – Maluco [Darocinha 2, self-release 2014]
Main Attrakionz – Perfect Skies (Ryan Hemsworth remix) [Collected, free download 2012]

Glasser – Divide [Interiors, True Panther 2013]
FKA x inc. – FKA x inc. [FKA x inc., self-release 2014]
Rioux – Trails [free download 2014]

Kharkov – Fire [Fire, Brother Sister 2014]
Four Tet – Parallel Jalebi [Beautiful Rewind, Text 2013]
The Shoes – Stay the Same (Claude remix) [free download 2014]

Navid Izadi – Feelin’ Purple [Feelin' Purple, Wolf + Lamb 2013]
Kassem Mosse – Untitled A3 [Workshop 19, Workshop 2014]
Homeboy Sandman – Wade in the Water [White Sands, Stones Throw 2014]
Schoolboy Q – The Purge/Rapfix Cypher (20syl remix) [free download 2014]

John Wizards – Lusaka by Night [John Wizards, Planet Mu 2013]
Whilst – Untitled from North Africa [Everything There Was Was There, Optimo 2014]
Neneh Cherry – Naked [Blank Project, Smalltown Supersound 2014]
Righteous Acid – Sundog [Righteous Acid, Space Slave 2013]
Quiet Village – Keep on Rolling [Silent Movie, !K7 2008]

ADR – Resistance Is Phutile (feat Nightfeelings) [VAPECRU: Cloud Chasing (vol 1), 2014]

Download the show: To and Fro #301

To and Fro #300; with Ólafur Arnalds

Sam Kogon – Wake Up Your Kids [free download 2014]

Paul Leonard – Awake and a Dream [Pacifico, self-release 2013]
Righteous Acid – Dub Summer > D St. Jam [Righteous Acid, Space Slave 2013]
Vaghe Stelle – Artificial Intelligence [Sweet Sixteen, Astro:Dynamics 2014]

Tonight’s guest was straight outta Iceland – Ólafur Arnalds was in town for his gig at Melbourne’s wonderful Recital Centre and he joined me for a chat. His newish record is called For Now I Am Winter.

Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm – a2 (Max Cooper remix) [free download 2012]

Ólafur Arnalds – Hands, Be Still [For Now I Am Winter, Mercury 2013]

Ben Frost – Peter Venkman (part 1) [By the Throat, Bedroom Community 2009]
Pearson Sound – Raindrops (part 2) [Raindrops, Pearson Sound 2014]
Disasterpeace – Rain in C Minor [The Floor Is Jelly OST, self-release 2014]
Julianna Barwick – Pacing [Pacing, Suicide Squeeze 2013]

Tim Shiel – Exchange (Lower Spectrum remix) [unreleased 2014]
Lakker – K’antu [Containing a Thousand, R&S 2014]
Hiele – Say [Essential Oils, Ekster 2014]

Banks – Brain (prod by Shlohmo) [free download 2014]
Kelis – Jerk Ribs (Mount Kimbie remix) [Jerk Ribs, Ninja Tune 2014]
Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (The Weeknd remix) [free download 2014]

Neneh Cherry feat Robyn – Out of the Black [Out of the Black, Smalltown Supersound 2014]

Download the show: To and Fro #300

To and Fro #299

Domba – Bipolar [Free the Beats (vol 11), free download 2014]

Naps – Kickflip [Hydrate, This Thing 2014]
AT/NU – Psi Grove [Psi Grove, 1080p 2014]
John Wizards – iYongwe [John Wizards, Planet Mu 2013]

Suga – What’s Up Star? (Claude rework) [free download 2014]
Mndsgn. – Kikhabits [Breatharian, Fresh Selects 2013]
Thug Entrancer – Death After Life VII [Death After Life, Software 2014]

Datassette – Helvetica Calcium [Cagney Xor Lacey, Apollo 2014]
Lockah – Ayyo Tricknology [If Loving U Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Wrong, Donky Pitch 2014]
The Cyclist – Grayscale (Ryan Hemsworth remix) [free download 2012]

Supreme Cuts – Gone (feat Mahaut Mondino) [Divine Ecstasy, Dovecote 2014]
BøneS™ – SPschwizzo [SnoDin, free download Fresh Selects 2014]
MK Barrage – Bay Bay [Pleasure in Labour mixtape, free download 2014]
Thomas William Smith – R>I>P> [free download 2014]
D/P/I – WATCHYR.BACK [08.DD.15, Leaving 2014]

Mark McGuire – Turiya (The Same Way) [Along the Way, Dead Oceans 2014]
Elitechnique – Volumina Mortuaris [Intrusion II, Clone Loft Supreme Series 2014]
Offthesky – La Bella Dea (Melodium remix) [free download Bad Panda 2014]
Actress – Rap [Ghettoville, Werkdiscs 2014]

Hands – Beelitz-Heilstaetten, Pt 6 [The Soul Is Quick, Ecstatic 2014]
Shackleton – White Flower with Silvery Eye [Freezing Opening Thawing, Woe to the Septic Heart! 2014]

Clap! Clap! – Kaluma [Tambacounda, Black Acre 2014]
Georgia – Brain Flash in the Dirt [Like Comment, Meakusma 2014]
Margaret Antwood – Virtual Ghana [CBR030, Cocobass 2013]

Sophie – Bipp [Bipp / Elle, Numbers 2013]

Download the show: To and Fro #299

To and Fro #298; with Luke Howard

Mark McGuire – Silent Weapons (The Articles of Manipulation) [Along the Way, Dead Oceans 2014]

Colleen – Humming Fields [The Weighing of the Heart, Second Language 2013]
Luke Howard – Schlusshymne (James Saunders remix) [unreleased 2014]

Melbourne’s Luke Howard came in to join me in the studio! We chatted in a vaguely coherent fashion about modern/contemporary/nu-/indie classical music, which is what he makes, including on the recent record Sun, Cloud. We gave 180 gram vinyl copies of that away to three lucky RRR subscribers and talked about Luke’s forthcoming gig at The Festival of Beautiful Sound at the Recital Centre in a few weeks – Feb 27th.

Luke also said that if you want to get up to speed on that genre (call it what you will) – an excellent place to start is Headphone Commute. Labels we mentioned included Bedroom Community, Erased Tapes, Serein and Sonic Pieces – so check all of them out too.

Brambles – To Speak of Solitude [Charcoal, Serein 2012]
Luke Howard – Portrait Gallery [Sun, Cloud, self-release 2013]

Christopher D Lewis – Metamorphosis 3 [The New-Fangled Clavier, New Mix 2010]
Olafur Arnalds – Happiness Does Not Wait [Erased Tapes Collection V, Erased Tapes 2013]

Max Richter – Berlin by Overnight [24 Postcards in Full Colour, Fatcat 2008]
Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway (Jon Hopkins remix) [2012]
Rainer Veil – UK Will Not Survive [New Brutalism, Modern Love 2014]
Supreme Cuts – Divine Ecstasy [Divine Ecstasy, Dovecote 2014]

Actress – Corner [Ghettoville, Werkdiscs 2014]
Metome – Vital Signs [Objet, self-release 2014]
Fatima – Black Dough [Family / La Neta, Eglo 2013]
Palmistry – Lil Gem [Lil Gem, Presto!? 2014]

Harbours – Smoke Stack [free download 2014]
Mono.Mental – Kiama (Walrii‘s Drum dub) [Coloured Sands EP, free download Dub Temple 2014]

The Knife – Ready to Lose [Shaking the Habitual, Brille 2013]

Download the show: To and Fro #298

To and Fro #297

Andrew Ashong – Special [Andrew Ashong, Which Way 2014]

Japanese Wallpaper – Breathe In (Hanami remix) [Breathe In, Zero Through Nine buy it - proceeds to charity 2014]
Koreless – Never Master [Yugen, Young Turks 2013]
Filastine – Autology (feat Jessika Skeletalia Kenney) [6 Years Deep, Dutty Artz 2013]

MK Barrage – Vidicon Reflectogram [Pleasure in Labour, free download 2014]
Clams Casino – Bookfiend [Instrumental Mixtape 3, self-release 2013]
The-Drum – Switch [Contact, Audraglint 2013]
Dylan Barfield – Something to Get Used To [Subcarrier: A Compilation of Emerging Sound Artists, Subcarrier 2014]

Metome – Open Your Eyes [Objet, self-release 2013]
Ryan Hemsworth – Ryan Must Be Destroyed [Guilt Trips, Last Gang 2013]
Kanye West – Guilt Trip (Air Max ’97 Anxious Grip edit) [free download 2014]

Shackleton – Silver Keys [Freezing Opening Thawing, Woe to the Septic Heart 2014]
Drexciya – Water Walker [Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV, Clone Classic Cuts 2014]
Elitechnique – Love Triangle [Intrusion II, Clone Loft Supreme Series 2014]

Actress – Gaze [Ghettoville, Werkdiscs 2014]
Clay Wilson – Oizumi [The Bunker New York 002, The Bunker New York 2014]
Miles – Sense Data [Faint Hearted, Modern Love 2013]
Virtual Proximity – Can of Worms [Dream Analysis, self-release 2014]
Phoebe Kiddo – I Tell You I’m Leaving [Artefacts of Broken Dreams, Non Projects 2013]

Jackson and His Computerband – Billy [Glow, Warp 2013]
Yong Yong – Faixa Oito [Greatest It's, Night School 2014]

Luke Howard – August (Kyson remix) [unreleased 2014]

Download the show: To and Fro #297